Dear Frank,

I read in The Tablet that your man Cardinal Coprophilia wants you to declare Anglican Orders pukka.

Of course we would be delighted.

If they’re truthful most Anglicans have a residual anger about Apsotolicae Curae. Being called ‘absolutely null and utterly void’ does rile a chap somewhat. At the very least, it’s not very ecumenical. So it is good news that you are thinking of doing the gentlemanly thing after all.

However, I must make one thing plain.

The acceptance of the validity of Anglican Orders must include those conferred on women. We are nothing if we are not egalitarian. And, in any case, I don’t want hours of fruitless wrangling with Martyn Percy.

Personally I don’t see how you can do it. I have not read Coprophilia’s paper, so he may well have come up with some witty scheme for separating the sheep from the goats which has eluded me. But all must have an equal bite of the cherry! On that we are quite adamant.

Heigh-ho! It always seems to be the same with sweeping ecumenical gestures. No sooner are they made than some passionate ideologue comes along and puts a spoke in the wheel.

Ut unum sint.

Your friend Justin.

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