Dear Frank,

I think I have good news for you.

As the Dubia thing drags on and on, I suspect that you are beginning to see that just saying (and doing) nothing is not the answer. One way or another, I promise you, it is not going to go away.

The good news is that Sentamu and I have come up with an A1 scheme. What we all need to avoid, in circumstances like that (and I include the Philip North Affair), is any theological statement to which one could be subsequently held.

But how to say something without actually saying anything? That is the conundrum.

The wizard scheme we have come up with is to refer the matter to an Independent Reviewer who will wrap the whole thing up in legalese and so avoid drawing any doctrinal conclusions

Isn’t that brilliant? They ask for decisions – and we give them decisions; but not the ones they wanted.

You must give it to us Anglicans, we may be a small church, but we know a thing or two about ducking and weaving. It’s a ploy you should try yourself.

Yours helpfully,


PS We have a retired civil servant who is prepared to do the job for a fee.

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