That Liberals are unprincipled comes as no shock.

But if the matter was ever in doubt we presently have proof in plenty. In the United States and the United Kingdom, unsatisfied by the result, liberals are keen to re-run elections until the electorate can be coerced into the ‘right’ result. This is a reprise on a wider scale of the attitude of the European Commission, which required Ireland and Denmark to reverse votes which Brussels did not like.

The same now apparently applies in the Catholic Church.

After two Synods on the family which failed to endorse in any way the notion of communion after ‘remarriage’, we have a post-synodal exhortation which affirms the ‘development’ (and so singularly fails to express the mind of the Synods). The liberals – previously the advocates of ‘conciliarity’ – now appeal to an extreme understanding of Papal Infallibility to assert what in synod they were unable to achieve; and to ‘subsidiarity’ in order to put it into effect.

In so doing they succeed in distorting the intentions of both Vatican I and II in order to set forward their own agenda, which is consistent with neither.

Whether Francis is the master-mind behind these events, or a hapless victim of them, is not yet clear.

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