Sankt Gallen Gruppe

Mem516px-coa_abbey_saint_gall-svgorandum to all members*

There has been some concern expressed about the recent submission of dubia, and the possibility of further action against Bergoglio if they are not answered. I am writing to allay these anxieties. Our Programme is on course and will not be shaken by the rumblings of Burke.

Others of you have been concerned that our protégé is not always entirely on message.

I am obliged to remind you that when we made him our candidate we were aware that he was erratic and unpardonably garrulous. But that, I submit, is all to the good. As long as he holds to the general drift of the Great Reform, a little deviation is quite desirable. When the pattern then emerges from the blizzard of words it will seem less contrived, less of a put-up job.

So let the man be himself. Thoughtless comments on airplanes, rambling interviews with Italian newspapers, and those awful daily outpourings at Santa Marta do the Cause no harm. They simply confuse people – which cannot be a bad thing.

The last thing we need at the present juncture is clarity – Burke sees that. As long as confessors and spiritual advisers are confused about what the Church teaches, they will inevitably side with the zeitgeist; go with the flow. And that is precisely what we want.

*This encrypted email was fortuitously intercepted by teenage hackers in Macedonia. Its origin is unknown. Sources close to Cardinal Danneels have denied all knowledge of the Memorandum.

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