Anglican Attitudes


Dear Frank,

I have, of course, been following the Four Cardinals incident with interest. I am sure you are wise not to rise to the provocation.

For what it is worth my own experience in the Anglican Communion with the GAFCON crowd (who are rigid pharisees of the same stripe) is that if you simply ignore them nothing much happens. They threaten schism and alternative structures and all sorts of hullaballoo, but in the end they are still there. They just can’t bring themselves to do the deed.

I am with you all the way. Ambiguity is the name of the game. It’s no use nowadays going around telling people what to do. Don’t these intransigents see that? You have to walk with people. Pastoral patience is what we need. I don’t know what Jesus thought he would achieve by that thunderous outburst at Mark 10:12; but he certainly wouldn’t get away with it now!

So keep up the good work – we will make an Anglican of you yet.

Mercy and Peace,

Your friend,



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