Who Knows?


Cardinal Burke (who obviously has a lot of free time now, as the Patron of the Sovereign Order of Malta) is threatening that, unless a satisfactory response is received to the Letter of the Four Cardinal (see Q&A below), he (they?) will instigate a ‘Formal Act of Correction of a Serious Error’.

The questions are numerous. What is a ‘Formal Act of Correction’? What are the precedents for its injunction? How many cardinals does it take to instigate it? Who, in such a case, are the adjudicators? And what, in any case, are the chances of success?

Politics is the art of the possible. No one doubts the sincerity of Cardinal Burke in this endeavour; but one is inclined, nevertheless, to doubt his sanity. From outward appearance he does not strike one as the kind of fellow ever to have possessed marbles.

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