The Way We Live Now


Now that the election is over, one question remains. How deplorable are you?

Here is a simple test. When were you last…

…called ‘homophobic’ and a ‘hater of single mothers’ for claiming that children thrive better with two parents of different sex?

…called a ‘bigot’ for claiming that there are sound biological and societal reasons why marriage between a man and a woman has been privileged in most cultures for millennia?

…called ‘outmoded’ for asserting that divorce hurts children, and that no fault divorce exacerbates the problem?

…called ‘transphobic’ (sic) for claiming that men and women are inherently different?

…called ‘extremist’ and ‘sexist’ for stating that abortion is akin to murder?

If you have ticked all the boxes… CONGRATULATIONS, you are REALLY DEPLORABLE!

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