The Cardinal Archbishop of Utrecht has hit the nail on the head. The gender ideology which is gaining ground alarmingly in the West – and to which both Benedict and Francis have frequently alluded – demands a formal and weighty response from the Magisterium.

St John Paul’s ‘Theology of the Body’ has spawned numbers of attendant studies – ‘The Theology of the Body made Simple’, ‘The Theology of the Body Explained’, etc.,etc. But this destructive secular agenda, perversely purveyed as an extension of human ‘freedom’, goes unchecked.

Like abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide, the notion that human gender is a matter of personal choice is, as its advocates well know, a direct challenge to the primal doctrine of the sovereignty of God. So much is at stake that the Church can no longer be seen to condone it in any way. And Catholic parents, in particular, deserve clear moral guidance.

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