Dear Diary,

THIS COULD BE IT! I confess I am more than a little excited! I am to be the first woman Archbishop to meet a Pope!! It’s epic!!!

My first concern, of course, was what to wear. One wants to make the right impression. I’ve decided against anything too moderne. I don’t want the New Agey look with dangley earrings. Too Jefferts Schori for words! I have decided to go for sober traditionalism: a cope with some significant heraldry. On an occasion like this one wants to look part of the nation’s history.

But seriously, this could be historical in more ways than one: an ecumenical breakthrough. They are saying that Francis is going to announce full intercommunion or something. It will be one in the eye for those Anglicans who were so snooty about Porvoo! And there I will be at the heart of it all, striking a blow, at one and the same time, for Lutheranism and for womankind.

All I can say is: BRING IT ON!

PS: Do I get to keep the ring or crosier he is bound to give me? I do hope so.

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