ἡ ἀλήθεια ἐλευθερώσει ὑμᾶς


The prime purpose of a Magisterium, one would have thought, is to state with precision and clarity what ought to be the case – to be, as one might say, Magisterial.

Not so in this pontificate. Unclarity seems to be the watchword. Laudato Si was strong on aspiration and weak on prescription; mere monkeys on the face of the Basilica.

And now Amoris Laetitia.

What in particular should parish priests conclude from it and divorced Catholics expect of it? Distinguished theologians and pastors have begged for clarification*, and now, in a letter to a South American bishop from the hand of its reputed author, comes guidance which is less than pellucid**.

Some will wonder whether Francis understands AL himself. Others will suspect some low cunning or sleight of hand. Whatever the case, plain speaking would disarm rumour.  So why not give it a try?



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