Horns of a Dilemma


Dear Frank,

I suppose that (like almost everybody else) you didn’t even know we had a Bishop of Grantham. But we do, and he’s gay. And that’s not a problem for me. As I said (definitively enough to persuade even myself) it does not affect one iota his ability to do the job.

He’s a decent fellow who’s been shacked up with a ‘friend’ for some time.  Coming from my sort of background, I tend to think that any sort of fidelity is a bonus. But you can see that  there are problems. The Africans won’t like it, the LGBT lobby in the UK will jump on the bandwagon, and it drives a coach and horses through our ‘Issues in Human Sexuality’ thingy.

As a matter of fact, I feel rotten about all this. Of course I knew about everything all along – including the boyfriend. But the rules meant that I had to insist on no hanky-panky.

But who am I to judge? Why shouldn’t the pair of them get on with things as, well…normal? It makes me seem so mean and prying and homophobic, and, as you well know, that is far from being the case.

This is not the sort of subject about which I can turn to Sandy for advice – the greenwelly brigade at HTB are not exactly gay-friendly. So I am turning to you. What would a Jesuit do?

With all good wishes,


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