Papistical, moi?


Letchworth Garden City is admittedly a long way from the slums of Buenos Aires; but here are some wise words from the sage of Letchworth which might well be addressed to a former South American archbishop:

‘The Pope is not an irresponsible tyrant who can do anything with the Church that he likes. He is bound on every side by the constitution of the Church. Some day a Catholic theologian ought to write a treatise on the limitations of the Papacy. This would do much good among Protestants, who are accustomed to think of us putting the whole system of our religion at the mercy of one man, and of such a man as Rodrigo Borgia.’

Quoted by Aidan Nichols in The Latin Clerk, the Lutterworth Press, Cambridge, 2011, p258

[For Protestants read Liberal Catholics!]

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