Je suis Charlie


The Charles referred to, of course, is Charles Martel who turned back the Islamic tide on the banks of the Loire. Now it seems that the returning tide has reached Rouen and even Bavaria.

Much nonsense is talked about ‘Western Values’ – generally speaking by those who would be incapable, with any precision, of saying what they are.

The values of what is best described as the ‘soft’ Enlightenment lack both coherence and rigour. The Enlightenment long since sold out on the past in favour of a future utopia. And since the days of Montesquieu’s Lettres Persannes it has  entertained a sentimental and romantic view of other cultures, valuing them on its own terms and for its own ends. To do so, of course, is to live in a fool’s paradise and to deny those cultures the dignity of being themsleves.

Islam as a religion of peace and love is an optimistic fabrication to which a long and bloody history gives the lie. One wonders how many atrocities in quiet rural towns will be required before the memories of 732,  1529, 1571 and 1683 come alive again in the consciousness of the people of Europe.

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