A new service for journalists and others
from the Vatican Press Office:
Obiter Dicta or What the Pope Really Intended to Say.
Tired of waiting until Fr Lombardi gets round to producing a redacted version of Papal pronouncements? Want to know what Francis really meant to say when speaking off the cuff?
OBITER DICTA uses the latest technology to bring you simultaneously the Vatican Information Service’s clear and authoritative version as the Pope is actually speaking.
No need to speculate! Here is precisely what His Holiness would have said had he given the matter serious thought – instantly available and in eight languages!
For a modest monthly subscription, the ingenious wireless headphones will connect you directly to this indispensable VIS service.
Put an end to speculation, bafflement and confusion,
get OBITER DICTA* today.

*NB for copywrite reasons this service is not available in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay or the Russian Federation.

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