Infernal Correspondence II

The Devil and the Disobedient Child

My Dear Wormwood,

I need hardly say how delighted I was by your singular achievement in guiding Amoris Laetitia to a satisfactory conclusion. My three point plan (see my previous correspondence) worked excellently. And the media response was just what we wanted (how lucky we are always to be able to rely on the BBC!)

There were, I observe, one or two masterly touches of your own.

The choice of Christoph Schoenborn to front the whole thing was an inspiration. He is such a charming fellow. (If only all liberals were as winning as he our job would be much easier). And his close association with the formulation of that dreadful catechism will at least silence some of the conservatives.

But your highest achievement was virtually to eliminate any reference to the pain and suffering which divorce and remarriage cause, especially to children. With all the loose talk around about ‘child abuse’ you did well to keep your Patient focussed on the mercy and compassion which erring partners so obviously deserve – with its modish subtext of ‘no fault divorces’ and ‘innocent parties’ (phraseology for which I myself can claim a certain amount of credit).

In fact, as I read it, you managed to keep any mention of what the Enemy calls ‘sin’ out of the piece altogether. No mean feat in a document of 325 paragraphs!

All said and done, we can sit back and wait for very gratifying results.

Your admiring colleague,


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