All you need is Love


Dear Frank,

I suppose that you have finished work on Amoris Laetitia by now, so this plea is probably rather belated. But my advice to you is: ‘Don’t do it!’

I can understand that you might be tempted to kick the re-marriage thing into the long grass and let episcopal conferences do their own thing. But believe me, provincial autonomy is a real headache you would do better to avoid. Ask yourself: where will it end? ‘Pastoral sensitivity to the ambient culture’ is just liberal-speak for rampant secularisation. Just look at the Episcopal Church in the United Sates.

Trust my experience. It can only mean chaos and endless recrimination. Vincent tells me that the English and Welsh bishops intend to line up with the Germans. The Belgians and the Austrians will join the merry throng. Your Americans will be divided and the Africans will be in open revolt.

Almost anything is better than that, as I have good reason to know. And no amount of ‘Indaba’ will put things to rights. We’ve tried it.

Your colleague and friend,

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