Trumped up

The following email, from an unknown American source thought to be close to Cardinal Dolan was recently sent to Fr Lombardi, and intercepted by GCHQ:


OMG! Now he is interfering in a presidential election! Can’t you get your man to keep his lip zipped? Who does this dude think he is?

Of course calling Trump’s immigration policy unchristian was bound to go down well with a load of Mexicans; but does he really want to drive the entire Hispanic vote into the Democrat pro-abortion camp?

And who told him that Christianity had anything to do with American politics anyway? Just because all the candidates talk about God and go to church with their wives some Sundays doesn’t mean a thing.

This small-town Argentinian needs to spend time in the Big Apple to understand what it’s all about. Principles go hang! You got to tell him that, before he lays into the Federal Reserve, or the International Monetary Fund or something really serious.

He should keep the religious schmaltz for addresses to the United Nations, where it doesn’t matter what you say.

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