In a bizarre turn of events an elderly French bulldog (usually inactive, and certainly not given to retrieving the mail) has delivered to Ignatius the following missive. It certainly seems to have all the usual stylistic hallmarks of a letter from Justin, and so we include it here:

Dear Frank –

I think it so clever to meet in an airport. Things scarcely seem real in airports, and one can always act surprised and re-define what takes place in such locations. I am so ¬†jealous! It is a coup to snag a Russian Patriarch! They are not as needy as the Greek ones. And Greeks are usually in the craft, so to speak, and willing to go along with most proposals, wink, wink, as long as they get something out of it. But overall, the Orthodox are cunning – as well as primitive and face it, rather backward and too hairy by half!. You’d think they invented beards as well as creeds and everything else! Still – we all admit they have creeds – but honestly! We’ve tried to up our own creds for 100 years by inviting them to do this and that with us, and we’ve spent a fair amount of time and money to have them join our discussions and conferences. They certainly look good in photos. But nothing ever comes of it! They become very evasive at the last moment, so watch out!

Can any one be serious about the filioque? Honestly?

Best wishes,


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