In-flight entertainment


Dear  Frank,

I take my hat off to you (metaphorically speaking, of course).

Ordaining two married deacons to the priesthood on a plane to South America was a masterstroke. You are always at your most cogent in mid-air.

If you hadn’t settled the matter like this, the thing would no doubt have rumbled on, with another tedious Extraordinary Synod, more bad feeling, and more letters from disgruntled cardinals. This way you get what you want: and, like the business with the foot-washing,  you can tidy up the paper-work later.

I must say I envy you.

We Anglicans are dab hands at breaking our own rules, or simply ignoring them: but the combination of Anglican antinomianism and Papal infallibility is masterly. All you have to do is act, and the troops fall into line. None of the ‘facilitated discussions’ malarkey I have to put up with!

It’s women priests next, I’ll be bound! We, of course, would be delighted – and the Germans will be over the moon.

Looking forward to ever closer rapprochement,


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