Supreme_court_crest_(official).svgThe Statue, Memorial and Monument Department
of the Supreme Court.

Under recently enacted legislation, if more than twenty-five people allege that a statue, memorial or monument (to a deceased person or past event) causes legitimate offence, application can be made for adjudication before the Court.

The Court will rule whether or not the monument is deemed to be offensive, to cause pain or distress or (in extreme cases) will prove a danger to public order. If the monument in question is so deemed, it may, at the discretion of the Court, be  immediately removed or destroyed.

This legislation requires the removal from the exterior of churches and places of worship of all sculptures , paintings and other cult objects as, prima facie, giving offence to those of other religions or none.

Hence forward the only statues permitted in parks, squares and places of public resort will be those of Nelson Mandela or representatives of the suffragette movement.

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