Blessed Assurance


‘What do they teach them at Cranmer Hall?’ you will have been asking, as Justin Welby has been very publicly wrestling with theodicy over the Paris bombings.

In a world where the expectation of the security forces is that another and similar atrocity is imminent, we can be pretty sure of further existential cris de coeur from Lambeth Palace.

But things are perhaps not as serious as they seem. The Archbishop of Canterbury and ‘Focus of Unity’ (sic) of the Anglican Communion is not in any real danger of losing his faith. The posturing is merely part of a curious Anglican desire to gain street cred.

Believe it or believe it not, Anglicans seriously think that the man on the Clapham omnibus is encouraged in his religious faith by the doubts of Archbishops, and can more easily be lured to salvation by someone who is unsure of the very gospel they preach.

This counter intuitive perception lies at the heart of modern Anglicanism. It is the essential key to understanding it.

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