1096 and all that


Muslim leaders throughout the world have combined to condemn the atrocities which last Friday appalled us all with their severity.

Over two hundred people were killed when American Episcopalian suicide bombers attacked the Grand Mosque in Damascus. Simultaneously in Egypt and Morocco groups of armed terrorists burst into a tourist hotel and a shopping mall, firing automatic weapons and killing innocent bystanders with random gunfire.

One observer reported that the gunmen who burst into Shepheard’s Hotel in Cairo shouted ‘Jesus Christ is Lord!’ as they showered bullets into the crowd. The Moroccan terror group, who drove jeeps loaded with high explosives into a busy souk, were thought to be United Methodists.

A spokesperson for the Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said: ‘We must show compassion to our Christian brothers and sisters. These crimes are the work of disturbed criminal minorities. Christianity is essentially a religion of justice and peace.’

The Ayatollah himself later admitted, on the BBC World Service, that such events caused him to doubt his faith  ‘Where, ‘ he asked, ‘was Allah in all this?’

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