Frank Advice 8


Dear Frank,

As you can imagine, I have been watching the progress of your Synod with interest and heartfelt sympathy. How like the CofE it is becoming!

I was particularly sorry to read about the ‘Letter from the Thirteen Cardinals’. It must be dispiriting to watch people jockeying for position in the next conclave before you’ve fairly got your feet under the table.

Now you have the gay issue rearing its head again. To be honest I hadn’t heard of this Doyle fellow, who claims that your Synod on the family is avoiding the issue; but they are all the same. You call a meeting to discuss one thing, and they rabbit on about their own boring obsession.

My advice is to do what I do: give in. We Anglicans have learnt from long experience that on issues like this you can say one thing and do another with absolute impunity. So, for example, we forbid clergy same-sex marriages, but welcome married gay clergy onto the General Synod.  And we don’t need to declare a year of mercy to do it! To Anglicans self-contradiction just comes naturally. You’re a Jesuit, I am sure you understand. Of course, there are usually some minor fireworks; but things quickly settle down.

What you need to learn is that dogma and principles are the enemies of a quiet life.

Yours sincerely


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