Nothing but the truth

How would Ambrose Bierce have defined a ‘Religious Affairs Correspondent’?

In whatever terms, these self-opinionated ideological axe-grinders deserve the worst possible press. Take, by way of example, the Telegraph’s John Bingham, who recently summarised response to the initiative of the Bishops of England and Wales ‘The Call, the Journey and the Mission’ in the following terms:

‘While many spoke of family life as a “blessing”, others told of feeling trapped in failed marriages and deep sadness, a situation some argued was compounded by the teaching of the Church. “I believe it is important for our bishops to know that marriage is not always a ‘gift’ and that Church teaching on marriage has led to untold misery for many couples and has had lifelong, detrimental impact on the mental, physical and spiritual health of their children,” wrote one. When asked if they had passed on their faith to their children, one wrote: “We are ashamed of our faith – so misogynistic, controlling, self-opinionated.” Another added: “As children grow into young adults they do not identify with an organisation that holds outdated and misogynist views.” “They live their lives according to what they think is right … How can it be right for people living with HIV/Aids not to use condoms?” “How can it be right for divorced and remarried people to be refused Communion? How can the Catholic Church’s view on the evil of homosexual, cohabitation be right?” “Thank God for the secular world which has blown in to the murky corridors of the Vatican.”’

Meanwhile ACTA, the left-leaning Catholic pressure group (‘promoting respect and dialogue in the Church’) characterised the response rather differently:

‘If this is the tone of the Bishops’ briefing to the Synod, it will suggest that the English laity are so in accord with traditional teaching, that there is no purpose in the Synod at all.’

Who do you believe and why? Answers should be addressed to:

The Editor
The Daily Telegraph
11 Buckingham Palace Road
London SE1W 0DT


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