Frank Advice 7


Dear Frank,

I think I have solved it – the problem of the Anglican Communion that is.

You will remember me telling you about the bickering and back-stabbing and general misbehaviour. There are primates who will not speak to one another, and even provinces who, as part of their Constitutions, refuse to attend the Lambeth Conference or the Primates’ Meeting!

Well, I had had it up to the neck. Then the solution dawned: stop pretending that it is a Communion! Don’t let ecclesiology get in the way of a good party.

Now that the wicked witch is dead – I mean, now that Katherine Jefferts Schori has been succeeded as Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church – there is a chance that we can all rub along together, as long as we leave religion out of it. So I have invited everyone to a sort of pan-Anglican Jamboree when we can discuss uncontroversial things over which we have no control (like Global Warming).

That’s the Good News. The bad news is that I am afraid that this means that ARCIC has rather hit the buffers. From now on there really will be no coherent entity for your people to talk to (if ever there was one). How ironic that this change has taken place at the very time when Walter Kasper (who lectured the last Lambeth Conference on Unity and Catholicity) is giving Cardinal Mueller such grief!

But that’s just the way it goes, isn’t it?

With all good wishes,


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