Smoke and Fire

In a blistering attack on Theresa May, the Home Secretary, who is alleged to be planning to ban incense among a list of other mood altering drugs or ‘legal highs’, Jeremy Corbyn, who recently swept to prominence in the Labour Leadership elections, has claimed that such action would infringe basic religious freedoms.

‘Does she not  realise,’ he demanded in a powerful Commons speech, ‘that this ruling will affect not only a minority of left-footers and a tiny group of dilettante Anglicans, but thousands of devotees from the sub-continent ? These people have already suffered enough from colonialist Tory oppression.’

Incense, he  went  on, had been shown, in scientific tests on mice, to have a calming, almost soporific effect. ‘Considering the adversarial and sometimes violent capitalist-inspired politics that have marred the reputation of this place, perhaps incense should be introduced into the Commons.’

The Speaker, he suggested, could wave the thurible with especial vigour during Prime Minister’s Questions.


The Ceremonial Thurible of the House of Commons, designed by A.W. N. Pugin

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