True Brit 2


Applications are invited for the new post of Her Majesty’s Comptroller of Religions. The successful candidate will head the new Department of Religious Reliability which will be charged with the task of licensing all priests, ministers, rabbis, imams and religious leaders, ensuring maximum compliance with approved British Values.

The successful candidate will have satisfied the selectors of his/her unwavering commitment to British Values. In particular s/he will be married to a person of either sex (preferably more than once), will be no more than a casual attender at his/her place of worship, and will be able to demonstrate commitment to abortion on demand, equal marriage and (when the Assisted Dying Bill finally passes into law) elective euthanasia.

Candidates should supply a testimonial of British Values from the Headmaster of their Public School and the Master or Warden of their Oxbridge College. They should also furnish the name of at least one close relative who served in a position of rank in the Colonial Service before 1960.

The Civil Service Division is an Equal Opportunities Employer. We do not discriminate on grounds of age, gender, religion, sexuality or ability.

Applications should be addressed by email (suitably encoded) and hard copy to:

Sir Jeremy Heywood
70 Whitehall,
London SW1A 2AS

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