Tyger! Tyger!

Vatican watchers are eagerly awaiting the publication of the heralded supplement to the encyclical ‘Laudato si’, Tyger! Tyger!. Its title, taken from the British poet William Blake, is said to be the first use of the English language in a papal encyclical.


Tyger! Tyger! – alleged to have been inspired by the world-wide outcry against the shooting of the celebrity lion, Cecil, by an American hunter – will reaffirm Catholic moral teaching forbidding big game hunting.  ‘Though Genesis gives man dominion over the natural creation’, says Cardinal Luciano Pavarotti, in the official commentary on the encyclical, ‘this was never intended by God to include the self-indulgent vacations of over-remunerated Middle Western dentists.’

President Obama has praised the Pope’s initiative, saying that the Vatican is too often seen as opposed to the American way of life: Francis’s opposition to abortion, for example is offensive to the average American. But concern for animal rights is the way to the American heart.

In an interview for CNN, Cardinal Wurl said that there should be a copy of the encyclical in every Catholic American home. Macey’s have already ordered a large consignment of Tyger!, Cecil and Pope Francis cuddly toys.


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