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Hi gang!

Now listen up: this is important.

Who remembers the last time there was an effective Tory government and the Labour Party was unelectable? What happened? The Cof E muscled in on the act, with a thumping great Report with a punning title like a Guardian headline: ‘Faith in the City’. For a while, ludicrously, Bob Runcie became the Leader of the Opposition and the Church of England became the Labour Party at War.

Well, it’s not going to happen this time! We must get in quick and steal the initiative. Do you want to secure the future of all those diocesan Justice and Peace Commissions (and the jobs of all those Co-ordinators)?  Then this is what we must do: I have a plan.

We should WRITE A LETTER TO THE TABLET!! (I know what some of you will say – that’s like preaching to the choir – but it has its point.) It will not only establish our credentials as PROMINENT CATHOLICS; it will also be a counterblast to that letter from 500 traditionalist clergy which was so sadly and predictably about SEX. Our task must be to show that Catholics are relevant to the cutting edge issues in our society, and that we, as PROMINENT CATHOLICS, expect to have an important part  to play.

I have stated our case, modestly I hope, in the proposed last paragraph of our letter:

We could, if you would accept our invitation to talk, be a source of nationwide grassroots feedback, enabling you to identify problems and to use your authority to alleviate the considerable suffering and hardship we are seeing in our communities. We seek only to work with you in the pursuit of the common good as laid out in the principles of Catholic Social Teaching. Together we could ensure that we uphold the common dignity and value of every human being in need of assistance. We extend this invitation in the spirit of Christian justice and compassion and we look forward to hearing from you.’

Who could resist an invitation like that from PROMINENT CATHOLICS like us?

Yours, as always,


Cc Jeremy Corbyn
Vincent Nichols

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