A Modest Proposal

Let’s admit it, the child abuse statistics are becoming overwhelming: 1,433 alleged offenders of whom 76 were politicians, 43 were from music industry and 135 were from TV, film or radio. That is just the latest police tally. ‘Survivors groups’ are sure that this is just the tip of the iceberg, and that domestic child abuse, which goes largely unreported and undetected, is far more extensive. As each well-publicised case comes to the fore, more and more are alleged. The cases are consuming a great deal of police time and will soon be clogging the courts at a time when our prisons are full to overflowing. A vastly expensive public inquiry has just begun which may well rival the Chilcot Enquiry and the Bloody Sunday Enquiry in length and expense. The time has come to call a halt and to ask:  can an open, modern democratic society criminalise so many of its citizens?


Remember abortion, which was once a crime and those who assisted it were criminals – until Vera Drake came along and showed us that she was just a kind lady helping other ladies? She turned a crime into the state-sponsored industry it is today. Consider adultery – once the subject of legal strictures and social opprobrium. The simple introduction of no fault divorce put a stop to that. Soon the gradual elimination of marriage and the family will have rendered it a concept wholly without meaning to future generations. And think about how homosexuality has gone in a lifetime from criminality to human right. To hold an opposite opinion has itself been criminalised.

The time has come, surely, to do the same for paedophilia. The Labour politicians who supported the Paedophile Information Exchange back in the sixties and seventies should be applauded for the courageous pioneers they truly were. They saw what in the end we will all see: that an open, liberal, multi-cultural, secular society can have no moral, principle beyond demography. If enough people do it, it must be right!

With Changing Attitudes we will soon come to see that paedophilia is normal and  natural – a part the glorious, enriching spectrum of human sexuality. And that, in fact, there are probably at least as many Lolitas as there are predators.

All this is inevitable, as the tide sweeps irresistibly up the beach of Progress. And in your heart of hearts you know it’s right.

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