The Tablet

Our Thought for the Day comes to us from Rabbi Karen Hamburger, of the North London Reformed Liberal Synagogue.

So Ed Miliband has set his programme for government in a tablet of stone.

And I have to say to Ed (who comes from a devout atheistical Jewish family): are you sure, Ed, that is the right thing to do? Can we do that in a modern world which is flexible, responsive, adaptable?    We must allow ourselves room for manoeuvre. We need to change, as God himself changes. It was, if I remember rightly, Moses Maimonides who said that we can never step into the same river twice!

For Reformed Liberal Jews tomorrow is the Feast of Chutzpah, when we remember the story of Moses breaking the Tablets of stone. That prophetic act is the foundation stone of our reformed Judaism.


So I say to the Leader of the Labour Party: Ed, be bold! Don’t look back from the bacon sandwich – look forward to the prawn cocktail! Take us all to a newer and a better place.

As I am sure that Imam Mohammed al-Kazahri, who will be preaching in our synagogue tomorrow, will tell us: Allah is a God of surprises. He is doing a new thing every day.

Shalom! Happy Chutzpah.

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